What is Menopause?


Are the words mood swing and hot flash in your vocabulary? Both terms are common and related to a health issue women frequently experience referred to as menopause.

Typically, women ranging in age between 40 and 50 begin to experience changes to her body and her monthly menstrual cycle which begins to slow and eventually stop. These changes take place from a hormonal standpoint and this is when menopause begins.

Women who are experiencing menopause are going through a number of hormonal changes that could result in irritability, hot flashes, sporadic menstrual cycles as well as other characteristics. While women who are in the beginning stages of menopause could potentially experience headaches, weight gain, insomnia, lack of sexual desire and forgetfulness.

coping with menopauseMenopause is a life cycle that prepares women for post childbearing. In essence, this is the time when she is no longer ovulating or creating eggs for the purpose of becoming pregnant. Estrogen levels drop and the body produces only minimal amounts of progesterone. This lower level of progesterone causes the lining of the uterus to thin telling the body there is no longer a need for a monthly period.

Menopause can be quite frustrating especially when they are experiencing unexpected mood swings and hot flashes. But, there are a number of available options that will help lessen the impact. Previously estrogen replacement therapy was popular for symptoms such as hot flashes; however, today many women choose a different option since this approach is believed to increase bleeding and increase cancer risks.

Women have been experiencing menopause since time began and it’s just a natural part of living. But, the truth is they don’t have to go it alone. Men, whether they admit it or not, also experience menopause which is referred to as andropause.

Women who opt not to take synthetic hormone replacement therapy have additional and viable options. The option they choose is dependent on their specific set of symptoms. Several factors that will play a role is having a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and daily exercise and avoiding habits such as consuming excessive alcohol and smoking.

Many women turn to a natural or holistic approach, but it is always recommended that they check with their physician prior to beginning any herbal therapy to ensure its safety.

Many women who dread or fear menopause are typically women that do not have a clear understanding of the menopausal concept. It’s a fact of life, a cycle of the reproductive system and everyone goes through it. This doesn’t mean they must make drastic changes in their lifestyle. As long as they are healthy they can continue living as before with a few minor changes.

Rather than waiting for menopause with fear and trepidation, women should education themselves regarding the stages of menopause and the symptoms. This will give them the ability to continue to lead an active and healthy life following menopause.


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