Simple and Effective Candida Home Remedies

What is Candida

Candidiasis is a common but relatively unknown condition most individuals are not familiar with and it develops when a fungus known as candida albicans invades the body creating an infection in the vaginal area.

But, those who have experienced this unpleasant condition will readily explain that symptoms are often mistakenly thought of as fatigue, stomach upset or some type of allergic reaction. Sadly, if left untreated, candidiasis is detrimental and may seriously damage your body and system.

On the other hand, if caught early enough you may be able to treat the condition at home and avoid an expensive trip to your physician’s office. Typically, utilizing a holistic approach to healing has had a positive effect on the disease saving you both time and money.

It is important; however, that these solutions are utilized as early as possible.

Candida Home Remedies

Mouthwash with Tea Tree Oil

Oral Thrush

candida home remediesAdd about five to eight drops of tea tree oil to a glass of water and gargle for approximately 60 seconds. The water may be warm, tepid or cold depending on your personal preference.

Make sure to swish the mixture throughout your entire mouth and cover the upper palate, throat and inside of the cheeks. But, make sure you do not swallow any liquid. Use this mixture twice daily, usually once during the morning hours and once before retiring.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Add several drops of oil to either a sterile gauze or tampon, place in the vaginal area and replace with a new tampon or piece of gauze every four to six hours.

Plain Yogurt

yogurt as candida home remedyIt must not contain any sugar, flavoring, fruit or any other ingredients. It should; however, have live lactobacillus acidophilus which is effective in fighting candidiasis and keeping the infection at bay.

Yogurt and Vaginal Yeast Infection

Insert a tampon dipped in plain yogurt twice daily; continue until the infection has cleared and for extra assurance repeat once after the infection is gone.

Cutaneous Candidiasis or Skin Conditions

Plain yogurt applied to the infected area is highly affective. The yogurt fights the fungus and provides relief from itching and seeping. Keep the yogurt in place for approximately 60 minutes and rinse. Follow this routine several times a day and be sure the area remains dry between treatments.

Apple Cider Vinegar

candida home remediesOral Thrush: Begin with an apple cider rinse consisting of two teaspoons cider vinegar and one cup tepid water. Gargle but do not swallow.

Follow this with a cotton swab dipped in full strength cider vinegar and touch each sore. Allow to remain overnight, rinse in the morning.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Combine one tablespoon of cider vinegar, two cups of water and one clove of garlic. Set aside for two hours and then douche.

Dietary Changes

Candida feeds on sugar and this is one root cause of the infection. It becomes necessary to “starve” the fungus so dietary changes are in order. Eliminating or minimizing your sugar intake is highly effective and should be continued until the symptoms disappear.

Along with dietary changes increase your intake of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, A and the Bs as well as zinc and iron.

This approach is most effective and best suited to individuals with multiple areas of infection during the same time period. This might include a vaginal yeast infection along with infections of the skin and stomach area. However, individuals who are diabetic should confer with their physician prior to making these changes.

Additional Remedies

if you are looking for alternate medicines that can help in Candida, you should look at Yeastrol.

Yeastrol is a homeopathic product containing 12 ingredients to fight not just the itching but also multiple symptoms of yeast infection from the inside out!

Yeastrol is 100% natural, safe, and has no known drug interactions. Every ingredient chosen for this formula helps alleviate discomfort as well as relieve multiple symptoms associated with yeast (candida) infections.


The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly applicable in this case. Following are some tips that will help avoid an overgrowth of candida, specifically in women.

  • Avoid douching and deodorants or soaps containing perfume when cleaning the vaginal area. This strips the body of any naturally created elements that effectively contain the fungus. At the very most, apply water or a very mild cleaner that is pH balanced.
  • Wear lose fitting clothing, especially undergarments and avoid items made from nylon. Tight fitting clothing promotes additional moisture to build up allowing fungus to breed. While lose fitting clothing allows the area to breathe.
  • Drink enough water. This helps cools down the body and removes toxins and those toxins include the fungus created by candida.
  • Increase your consumption of yogurt, garlic and bananas which have been noted for their anti-fungal properties. This will help in the prevention of candidiasis if included as part of your dietary intake.
  • Eat regularly. Don’t allow your stomach to be empty for an extended timeframe. Your body was deigned to function at optimal levels when it receives nourishment on a regular basis. Eating irregularly only confuses your system and increased your chances of developing an overgrowth of candida.

The best method in avoiding this condition is prevention and early detection

Learning about and understanding the symptoms is important to ensure you are using the correct approach to healing. But, if there is ever any question you should immediately check with your primary physician.

Listen to any suggestions and couple their advice with one of the holistic approaches mentioned above. You will not only find yourself closer to a cure, but also closer to preventing this uncomfortable condition known as candidiasis all together.

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