Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Is Sexual Activity Becoming More Difficult? Probably it’s Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Are you having a difficult time getting satisfaction or satisfying your partner? If you answered yes to either question, it’s possible you are experiencing sexual dysfunction.

sexual dysfunction in womenBeing sexually dysfunctional means that problems arising during sexual activity that make it difficult or impossible to enjoy or complete the process. A person’s sexuality is highly personal and most choose not to discuss their situation with others. In most cases, this lack of discussion leads them to believe they are the only person in this situation, or they are abnormal and they typically feel some sense of shame.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sexual dysfunction is becoming more and more common and may be caused by any number of factors that may be emotional or psychological. And, this condition is not limited to a particular age group. It can strike at any age or at any point in time. You may have been experiencing a normal and satisfying love life and all of a sudden problems begin to occur.

While emotional and psychological situations may cause sexual dysfunction, it may also stem from a physical condition. Personal or emotional causes may include problems within the relationship like lack of communication or trust while psychological causes may be depression, excessive fear or guilt. Physical causes may stem from alcohol or drug abuse, diabetes or neurological conditions.

The disorders revolving around sexual dysfunction are typically categorized as sexual arousal, orgasm, sexual desire or sexual desire disorder.

• Sexual desire disorder is often rooted in the lack of sufficient estrogen for women and testosterone in both women and men. Although, general fatigue, pregnancy and age along with other psychological ailments are also contributing factors.

• Men often experience sexual arousal disorder when they are no longer able to obtain a full penile erection.

• Additional factors revolving around sexual arousal disorder is a potentially low blood flow in the penile region or an inability to create enough vaginal lubrication as well as the type of relationship both individuals have with one another.

• Orgasm disorder can affect both male and female. SSRI anti-depressants may be a contributing factor in the delay or inability to achieve orgasm.

• Women are often the victim of sexual pain disorders and they are often referred to as dyspareunia or vaginismus. Vaginal dryness is usually the contributing factor.

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

There are number treatments available on today’s market for sexual dysfunction.

Today, more and more people are experiencing some aspect of sexual dysfunction. And, ranked high in effectiveness is Levitra. Curative and effective for men, Levitra blocks phosphodiesterase-5 which is a problem creating enzyme. With lower levels of phosphodiesterase-5 the penile muscles can relax, blood flow to the area is improved and increased, nature can take its course and a full erection can occur.

Sexual dysfunction can strike at any point in time. Any individual who is facing this life-changing condition needs to understand that they are not alone or abnormal. Recognizing your condition is your first step and talking to your doctor should be next.

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