Pregnancy and Common Complications

Most people are not aware that pregnancy complications are more common than they might believe.

Complications may even occur, through no fault of their own, in healthy women who have previously had a healthy pregnancy and healthy children. This article is a breakdown of several possible complications that may occur and signs of each.

Complications During Early Pregnancy

pregnancy complicationsOnce you discover you are pregnancy, your first step should be consulting with a gynecologist or obstetrician. In most cases, an ultrasound is performed to ensure the pregnancy is moving along smoothly and without difficulty.

By scheduling regular appointments with your OBGYN early complications can be spotted, identified and quickly treated.

Typical Pregnancy Complications Include

Ectopic Pregnancies

This complication develops when the egg has been fertilized on the outside of the uterus and fetus development takes place along the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancies are fairly common and extremely hazardous for both mother and fetus.

Without surgery, the fallopian tube can burst causing internal bleeding and in rare cases, death.


There are a number of complications that may occur that cause a miscarriage. The cervix may open excessively, causing bleeding and intense pain or the fetus may not survive the initial stages of pregnancy.

In the event a fetus death occurs the mother is faced with two options; waiting for a natural miscarriage to take place or having a D&C performed.

Lifestyle habits like smoking, drug consumption, consuming too much caffeine or alcohol or unhealthy diets, blood clots and infections are all common causes of miscarriages.

High Risk Pregnancy

While there are a number of situations that place individuals in this category typically they are over 35 years of age, diabetic or are carrying more than two to three fertilized eggs.

If you have been noted as a high risk, chances are your obstetrician will want to schedule more frequent visits and will want to monitor your progress closer than a low risk pregnancy.

Over 35 Pregnancies

While more and more women are waiting to have children, individuals 30 and older are more susceptible to developing complications.

hildren born to women in this age bracket have a substantially higher risk of developing birth defects and experiencing a miscarriage during the first three months are more common. And, after the age of 35, you are also subjected to a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes.

As frightening as all this sounds, science and technology has progressed to the point that most complications, if found early enough, can be effectively treated.

Multiple Pregnancies

This occurs when more than two fetuses have been created. The more fetuses that develop can create a higher risk of occurring complications.

Virtually all twins enter the world prematurely or early, weigh little at birth and have organs that are not fully developed. This exposes the child to a number of potentially deadly ailments and in some cases one child may not survive.

If you are aware of all potential complications that may occur during pregnancy you will be better equipped to get a head start on treatment. Keep this information in the forefront and remember to schedule regular appointments with your physician.

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