Vaginal Tightening Methods

Methods & procedures for Vaginal Tightening

Child birth or even ageing can cause the Vaginal skin to loosen. After child birth, it is possible that women may not enjoy sex as they would before child birth.

(This may not be applicable for those who have chosen surgical methods like C section). Similarly sagging of the skin due to ageing may not give you pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Women who experience vaginal dryness can also lose interest in sex; In vaginal dryness, the skin loses its elasticity and sex becomes painful than pleasurable. Women may lose their libido as the mind usually starts associating sex with pain.

More & more women today opt for vaginal tightening to overcome this problem. Here are some of the vaginal tightening methods:

1. Vaginal Tightening Surgery (Vaginoplasty)

vaginal surgeryVaginoplasty involves pulling back the sagging / loose skin & muscle tissue and removing the excess skin.

This surgery has become common as more & more clinics have started offering this surgery. While the surgery is pretty straight forward, like other surgeries there are risks associated with this one as well.

Vaginoplasty involves use of general anaesthesia and requires over night stay in the hospital. The recovery time is usually between 6-8 weeks depending on the patients. Though not many cases have been reported, risks involved in the surgery include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Allergic reaction to medicines.
  • Infection – This can be caused during the surgical procedure or from improper post surgery care.
  • Blood clots
Read more about Vaginoplasty on
Webmd, Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

2. Vaginal Tightening Creams and Gels

Another relatively easier way of Vaginal tightening is to use creams & gels available in the market.

Apart from helping in tightening the vagna, creams & gels also help in providing the necessary moisture to eliminate dryness. However it is extremely important to do your homework before you decide on any cream.

As a general rule, you should stay away from products which contain alcohols, dyes or chemicals. Using creams with unknown chemicals or alchohol may result in severe infection or dryness to the vagina.

A good tightening cream not only provides long term benefits but also combats issues that go along with loosened skin and muscles, such as dryness, irritation and infection.

HerSolution Gel & V-Tight Gel are among the recommended vaginal rejuvenation creams that you can use for Vaginal tightening & lubrication.

Read more about HerSolution Gel in the detailed review.

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3. Exercise & Kegels

Kegels are the most popular & commonly known exercises used to tighten the vagina. Doctors often recommend Kegel exercises after child birth as well as before menopause in order to keep retain the tightening.

Pregnancy, childbirth, ageing, ceasarean surgery & also being overweight can cause weakening of the pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are extremely useful in regaining pelvic muscle strength.

Kegel exercises are known to help avoid Urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse. These exercises also help to make sex more pleasurable. Per report published by Dr.Kegel, women doing kegel exercises were orgasming more easily, more frequently and more intensely

These are done by simply squeezing the pelvic muscles as you would to hold in your pee; You need to perform kegel exercises serveral times daily over the course of months to see results.

Read more about Kegel exercises below:

Whatever Vaginal tightening method you choose, make sure you understand the pro’s & con’s before you opt for it.

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