Pueraria Mirifica & Microfirm to Improve your Vaginal Tightness

Perhaps you have tried a lot of different anti aging products on your face by now. However, did it ever cross your mind to battle the signs of aging but this time, your genitals is under consideration.

Well, it is not only are skin or our face who is greatly affected by aging but same goes for our genitals. As time passes and you reach a certain age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and suppleness, and that is in general including the skin of the vagina.

You may encounter a lot of issues with these “skin problem” such as vaginal dryness, low libido, painful sex and many other more.

Thanks to MicroFirm, there is one thing that women can turn to and answer their problems when it comes to vaginal issues.

Pueraria MirificaMicrofirm is made from Pueraria Mirifica, a very powerful herb that contains rejuvenating properties which was long been utilized as an alternative medicine in Thailand.

MicroFirm works hand in hand with IntiVar, both from which are intended to improve your vaginal tightness and sexual performance.

Reference: Pueraria Mirifica on Wikipedia

How does Microfirm work?

MicroFirm battles all the signs of aging by way of bringing back the moisture in the vagina. It restores the vaginal tissues by way of stimulating the vaginas ability to lubricate on its own.

Once the vagina has regained its capacity to naturally lubricate, the tendency for the vagina is to become more elastic and tighter.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is normal as you age. It may be due to menopause, certain medications, hormonal fluctuations, or simply upon using harsh and perfumed feminine wash.

There is nothing you can do to counter the normal physiologic causes, and that is why MicroFirm is here to help. The natural ability of the vagina to lubricate has a very important role in keeping the vagina healthy. Lubrication protects you from irritation, tearing, and chaffing.

On top of that, lubrication provides you with a better sex experience as it counter the friction during sexual intercourse; therefore you have a better stimulation and sensitivity.

Vaginal dryness is one issue that a lot of women just basically live with. This may be one big problem that you need to confront and deal with, as this can lead to many further problems. Vaginal dryness is irreversible, but you can do something to control its signs and manifestations, and that is by simply using MicroFirm.

The combination of IntiVar and MicroFirm is all you need to restore your vaginal elasticity and enjoy a healthy vaginal skin once again. Painful sex, sagging and lose skin, and vaginal dryness is now out of the scene, as a better ever sex experience is simply an application away.

The bottom line is, you should be taking care of your vaginal health, the same way as how you take care of your face in relation to fighting the signs of aging.

This is something that will rebuild your confidence and the way you look at life. Once again, vaginal tightness is the most important thing that affects your desire and performance, so try MicroFirm now, and discover what benefit it does to you as well as for your intimate relationship.

Update: As of 30th September 2013, makers of Intivar serum have stopped the production & Intivar is no longer available for sale.

You can look at Intivar alternatives: V-Tight Gel & HerSolution Gel

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