Revirginization – Is it Necessary?


These days vaginal & revirginization surgery has been picking up. Magazines and newspapers are filled with advertisements luring women to opt for vaginal surgery.

The advertisements claim that they can help a women get the vagina tightened as a virgin’s, no matter in what state it may be currently. They even promise to the extent that they can even recreate the long broken hymen and make a woman a true virgin again. Really?

Whether these claims being made are 100% genuine is truly doubtful for a number of reasons.

First, virginity happens to be a binary state. So, there exist only two options – either you are virgin, or you are not. This is not reversible.

And as far as recreating the broken hymen is concerned, the hymen is not really a factual representation of a woman’s virginity. It is not only through sex that this tissue tears in a woman; it can also tear because of other reasons like dance, sports activities, arduous physical exercise or something as simple as insertion of tampon during monthly cycle.

Revirginzation is the process of a sexually active person attempting to regain virgin status by abstaining from sexual relations, esp. during the time just before marriage; also called secondary virginity, revirgination.


On the other hand, the modern urban dictionary defines Revirginization as:

“Someone whos gone so long without sex, they basically earned their virginities back”.

Revirginization Surgery

Undergoing a surgery to “revirginize” oneself by getting a new hymen is quite extreme.

Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more popular these days. The surgery involves injecting a filling agent into the vagina’s entrance and make it appear like the woman has her hymen intact.

What you may not know is that there is no real medical justification for the revirginisation procedure. On top of that, it is also quite expensive and in most of the cases your insurance is not going to cover the costs. And when it comes to risks, the surgery is also invasive and calls for the need of an anesthetic.

Is it really required? What are other options?

If you are thinking of undergoing this surgery, please take out some time to evaluate if it is really worth the pain, risks and a lot of expense to get a fake hymen?

It would be instead worth the efforts and time to educate the men the real truth of hymen – that a broken hymen does not necessarily means that a woman had sex before.

The other thing that these advertisements boast of is to give you a tighter vagina post-surgery. Well, they might achieve that end to some extent, however you still have to balance that out with risks, pain and a heavy expense.

However there is also no guarantee that even if you decide to spend that fortune and take that risk, you would be guaranteed happy with the outcome.


The recommended way is to look for products that can help you get that tightened vagina instead of opting for risky and expensive surgery.

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