Vaginal Thrush and What Causes it?

Aren’t you sick of that annoying yeast infection that just does not seem to go away? It is persistent and terribly annoying and worst of all, it is at the most intimate area a woman has! It itches, it smells and its really embarrassing.

Try as you might and come up with all sorts of therapies and remedies for the problem, nothing is ever going to give a permanent cure unless you actually find out the cause of your vaginal thrush.

What is Yeast?

Ok, before everything, a little background on fungus and bacteria. Yeast is a type of fungus. These are microorganisms that grow in moist and warm places. They grow just about anywhere and everywhere. The vaginal and cervix area is ideal for the growth of such microorganisms.

But as you well understand, it is not at all ideal for you. When you insert a tampon, or you use tubes to clean up your intimate area, you may accidently introduce the organisms in to your vaginal folds. This can happen just if the instrument is not washed properly or even if your hands are not clean.

The importance of hygiene with your intimate areas cannot be stressed enough. Wash your intimates inside out with soap and clean water. Even take a bath after sex. Cleanliness is the primary way to ensure that you remain vaginal thrush free.


The main fungus that causes most vaginal infections is the Candida.

The various different infections are caused by different strands of Candida like Candida tropicalis and Candida krusei.

Fungal infections never seem to go away completely because of the way fungus grows. Fungus has deep roots in the surface they grow in. When you use medication on it, the surface fungus will die but the spores remain.

The minute the fungus gets accustomed to the medication, it grows resistant and grows back. This is what causes your recurrent yeast infections; the reason why the problem just doesn’t leave you alone.

Vaginal thrush is a form of vaginal infection suffered by women of all ages. Everyone complains of the same problem i.e. that no matter what you seem to do, the vaginal thrush just does not leave! If anything, it just gets harder and harder every single time it comes back. What on earth do you do?!

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Vaginal Thrush Treatment

Well, it is quite simple really. The vaginal thrush keeps returning primarily because you presume that putting an ointment for a few days is going to do the trick. That is far from enough.

Vaginal thrush is a yeast fungus infection. Yeast is a type of organism that spores deep inside the body’s tissue. Therefore the infection you feel or see is only the tip of the ice-berg.

Many women simply apply the ointment till the symptoms of the infection disappear. Little do they realize that the spores of the yeast usually lay dormant and spring back once you put away that ointment.

Also, the yeast is micro organism. This makes it easier for the cell to produce anti bodies against the ointment and be more resilient the next time you apply the ointment you use. This is why, the next time your yeast comes, it takes longer to go away.

To cure vaginal thrush and to keep it away from you for good, you have to incorporate a few changes in to your life which include:

  • Ensure that your vaginal area is clean and dry at all times. This would include wiping and washing thoroughly even after you urinate. This is because a moist climate is ideal for the growth of yeast.
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable undergarments and pants. Cotton is usually the preferred material. This allows air circulation and your vaginal area to breathe and stay fresh.
  • Use vaginal soaps available at pharmacies to wash your vaginal region. These soaps are usually not only disinfectants but also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This helps keep infections at bay.

vaginal thrush treatmentYou just have to take proper care and steps to get rid of the infection once and for all. Keep the area clean and regularly washed.

Use Yeastrol to remove the infection from the roots. This treatment must be used throughout its entire course and it removes the spores from within the tissue cells.

Many over the counter medicines for yeast infections are very strong and toxic and meant for yeast infections on the feel and corns. This may end up burning the area you apply it on.

Instead, go for an ointment specific for the vaginal area like Yeastrol and complete the entire course prescribed.

You’ll be happy and yeast free.

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