Intivar Reviews – Fast, Safe and Effective?

Intivar Review

Update: Intivar cream is no longer available for sale. Makers of this serum have ceased production as of 30th September 2013.

Here are the 2 alternatives for Intivar.

For many women experiencing sexual problems or difficulty, Intivar may just be the answer!

Is your relationship in a rut because you feel some pain or discomfort when making love? Sometimes you lose the passion and lack sexual desire or delayed orgasms because once you age, sexual hormones decline and we lose elasticity and lubrication in the vagina during sexual intercourse making it uncomfortable.

The condition called vaginal dryness though natural may be mistaken for disinterest or insufficient arousal when having sex or may also lead to an infection called thrush. Don’t let this strain your relationship and make it suffer, save it with Intivar.

What it is Intivar Gel Made Up of?

invitar gelIntivar is the solution to all your problems when it comes to vaginal dryness. It is a quick and proven solution to end painful and uncomfortable sex.

This product is not just your typical lubricant; it is a vaginal tightening gel and lubrication gel which will have you enjoy sex once again.

It will guarantee improvements in lubrication and restoration of elasticity on the area.

Intivar Ingredients

The active ingredients in the product are all natural and herbal clinically tested which work to gain positive results quickly. Also, the ingredients are purified and standardized to ensure the safety and consistency of the product.

Microfirm™ is a substance which aids in the natural lubrication of the vagina, as well as keeping the vaginal walls tight and firm.

Quercus infectoria (Oak) gall extract is a substance to help enhance blood flow in the area creating a more sensitive and aroused vagina. It also contains anti-bacterial properties, is an antioxidant, and helps in the tightening sensation of the vagina.

Another ingredient is Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) works well with the previous ingredients to increase sensitivity of the female response because it provides a tightening sensation of the vagina with a powerful astringent.

Also, there is Panax (Korean) Ginseng which keeps arousal heightened by regulating blood flow in the genital area. Finally, aloe vera and vitamin E are great moisturizers that work well with all other ingredients present in this product.

How Does Intivar Work?

The hormone, estrogen, is important with regards to vagina health as it keeps the elasticity of the vagina, lubrication and protection from infections. Once this hormone declines, so does your sex drive, and the vagina loses elasticity, its lining becomes thinner and the ability to produce lubrication becomes less efficient resulting to the uncomfortable feeling when having sex.

Intivar has been claimed and reviewed to be effective by a lot. It has been said to make women feel its effects just after minutes from their first application. The gel works wonders by letting women experience a tightening sensation with increased blood flow to the vaginal area. In other words, it effectively helps bring back the pleasure in love making sessions.

Intivar benefits

The gel also improves lubrication, increases blood flow and tightens the area for more heightened sensitivity. It also aids in prevention of bacterial or fungal infection which contributes to better health and hygiene, as well as has anti-inflammatory effects. It works within minutes (for some) but you will surely experience its effects and feel pleasure and regain relaxed and enjoyable sex.

Some Pros and Cons of Intivar


  • Intivar is easy to apply and would even make you feel comfortable.
  • It also works well with sensitive skin, and as an added bonus, it is available in cherry flavor.
  • If you feel it is risky or you are not too sold on it, you always have an option of a money back guarantee.

Intivar is recommended for those who long to restore their vaginas youthfulness, for those who have been experiencing or will experience menopause soon, those with vaginal dryness, and those who have been experiencing problems after giving birth.

When not to use Intivar

Take some caution and understand that you should not use this product if you are currently menstruating, below 21 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding, allergic to the ingredients, taking a form contraceptive therapy, or if you have a history of uterus, ovary or breast cysts/tumor, or any thyroid disorder.

Intivar Side Effects

Some side effects, though rare, are delayed or early menstruation and spotting, but would disappear upon cessation of using the product. Others who may develop allergies like burning sensations or rashes should stop using the product and consult medical attention right away.

Intivar is a safe and quick way to relieve pain from uncomfortable love making sessions. It provides great benefits and works well for both parties. Don’t let your relationship die down just because of an issue like vaginal dryness, try Intivar and you may find the best match for you and your loved one.

Update: Intivar cream is no longer available for sale. Makers of this serum have ceased production as of 30th September 2013
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But no worries, we have looked at various alternatives of Intivar & found the below 2 options which will assist you in Vaginal tightening & rejuvenation.

Please read our detailed reviews for the above 2 products.

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