What is Breast Augmentation?

A comprehensive overview of breast augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Augmentation mammoplasty, or breast augmentation in simple words is becoming more and more common with women now a days, and the procedure itself has grown far safer. Elective cosmetic surgeries characterized by many surgical procedures are now used in enlargement of breasts and it’s vice-versa, that is, the reduction of breast size called “corrective” plastic surgery is also a common phenomenon. It is moreover important to observe that most insurance companies will in many occasions deal with the corrective surgeries.

Breast augmentation overviewBreast augmentation can be done or motivated by a whole lot of reasons; some of which will include the following;

  • The overall balance of the body organs in terms of size is a common motivating factor. If a woman has too small breasts, she would like to go for breast enlargement in order to feel more confident and if a woman has too large breasts for her body size, she would opt for corrective plastic surgery.
  • Since in many instances the reduction of breast size among women is rampant in the post pregnancy period, the sagging nature of breast or even the small size is corrected by the use of implants and breast lifts.
  • In some cases, the size of the two breasts may seem to differ in terms of size and as a remedy for this, many women opt for breast augmentation.

Although the procedure for augmentation may seem, to some extent as very easy, it is important to have a good discussion with a qualified surgeon prior to going for the surgery. It is important to have all information in detail about the benefits and also the side-effects that may be associated with the procedure.

In many surgical operations, breasts can and have been enlarged by placing an implant behind or in front of the chest muscles of breast. It is seen that in many cases many women believe that this is a process that will actually change their overall appearance and consequently lift their self confidence however, many experts in health have termed this approach as being unhealthy.

It is extremely necessary that a woman seeking breast augmentation is in good health and also has a healthy self-image.

Breast Augmentation Types

Implants in breast are categorized into two broad types, namely;

A. Silicone gel filled silicon shell implant

B. Salt-water filled silicone shell implant

The most crucial point to note is that, restrictions in Silicone shell implant filled with saline water are very few as opposed to Silicon shell implant filled with silicone gel where authorization is necessary from a food and drugs administrator or FDA.

Breast Augmentation Side Effects

One of the most negative after effects of breast augmentation is Capsular contracture that is caused by tightening of the scar tissue around the implant. The consequence of this is the feeling of uncomfortable hardness around the breast area. The most immediate remedy for Capsular contracture is the removal or even replacement of the implant. Excessive bleeding and the long healing period after augmentation of the breast can also serve to increase susceptibility to infections.

Since implants involve silicon fills as one of their key aspects, leakages that are sometimes caused by excessive pressure can cause very detrimental health complications. The nipples can also be negatively affected after a breast implant, breast reduction or breast lit. It has been observed that they become more sensitive, hard and even numb.

However, in women who have had children or plan to, augmentation is not known to create any kind of problems, whatsoever, and breast milk is readily available for the new born.

Breast augmentation is also not known to increase risk of breast cancer in woman who underwent the surgery. However, it is still advisable for you to have regular medical checkups to detect any signs of complications at the early stages.

Augmentation is conducted both in the public and private clinics and the cost largely varies from place to place on the basis of the experience and skill of the surgeon. Recovery period is mostly two weeks and as in many surgical operations, the patient is administered with anesthesia before the surgery.

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