Breast Enlargement Methods

The considerable increase in breast enhancement and enlargement products has indeed continued to give women a hard time in deciding the appropriate and effective product that can uniquely suit their needs. However with the right information at your finger tips, it is not a very difficult job to decide which would be the most effective breast enlargement solution for you. Here is a review of some breast enlargement methods.

Enlargement pills and creams

breast enlargement pillsPills and creams that are used for breast enlargement, so far, have not been proven clinically to be effective, and in most cases the after effects of their use has been quite catastrophic. Pills and creams, due to presence of synthetic hormones, can increase the risks of cancer and heart diseases considerably. Moreover, their long term consequences are yet to be put on paper, although a lot of evidences already suggest that they can be very regrettable.

Fat Injections

breast enlargement injectionsWhat this process involves is the introduction of hormones in the breast by the means of injections, which in all fairness is very dangerous. The consequence of fat injections can range from scarred tissues or even a direct absorption by the body which is not desirable. Fat also in many instances has prevented a quick diagnosis of breast cancer which has been catastrophic in the end.

Breast pumps

breast enlargement injectionsThis process is very unsafe and furthermore it can increase the risk of breast cancer cases among women. The vacuum suction of the pump can even lead to disfigurement of your breasts.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

breast enlargement injectionsExercise is indeed by many accounts less costly and somehow convenient although the reality is that in little occasions has it achieved meaningful results. Even in cases where exercise has achieved something, the results have been very marginal.


The continued use of enhancement clothing and garments such as bras is also widely observed although it is indeed costly and temporary in terms of results. The embarrassment is very evident in situations where the cloth has to come off particularly during intimate encounters.

Breast Enlargement Gels

One of the popular breast enlargement gels include the Triactol bust serum.

Triactol is a combination of the herbal and natural products, which have been proven clinically to yield magnificent results in breast enhancement and enlargement. The product has been used for centuries and has its genesis from Thailand. Some of the characteristics that make it special include;

• The product is 100% natural. What this means is that it has no single synthetic hormone or harmful color additives and preservatives.
• It is fast to apply due to its non-greasy nature. Its convenience is further enhanced by its airless 50mm bottle. The supply, for your information, ranges from 1month to 2 month to even 6 months.
• It comes with a two month satisfactions guarantee and further the serum is endowed with vitamin E which helps in skin miniaturization. The product enhances breast appearance by increasing size and firmness as well as giving your breast a youthful touch characterized by smoothness and desirable softness.

In all sense, Triactol offers the most convenient and appropriate method of breast enlargement. Get your bottle now online by visiting and start getting results in seven days.

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